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Monster Fish Chat: River Giants UK Rehoming Sanctuary

July 22, 2019 Season 2019 Episode 182
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
Monster Fish Chat: River Giants UK Rehoming Sanctuary
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
Monster Fish Chat: River Giants UK Rehoming Sanctuary
Jul 22, 2019 Season 2019 Episode 182
Alexander Cardinale
Learn about River Giants a monster fish sanctuary in the United Kingdom that takes in monster fish and gives them a forever home.
Show Notes

This episode is brought to you by the retired aquarium/tropical fish keeping podcast ''Aquatic Wetline''. This episode aired 5 years ago in 2014.
Fish keepers from the United States and all around the world love monster fish! Fish such as pacus, red tail catfish, Iridescent sharks and even Arapamia are sold to fish hobbyists! The unsuspecting fish hobbyist raises these fish to monsturous sizes and then have a hard time rehoming these fish due to their large sizes. Many of these fish wind up in local waterways where they can become invasive or are dumped to local fish stores or aquariums.
In the USA, a fish rescue exsits called Ohio Fish Rescue. In the United Kingdown, there is River Giants!
Join Aqua Alex Cardinale and Crayfish Man James Jones as they interview Nathan, the owner of River Giants!
About River Giants:
River Giants are a new, unique and specialist re-homing sanctuary based in Maidstone in Kent. We re-home some amazing, wonderful fish that span the globe.There's something primal that leads people to wonder what's lurking below the surface of any large river. Humans seem to be hardwired to be both fascinated by, and somewhat fearful of, Volkswagen-sized catfish.
There’s something in the back of everyone’s mind when overlooking a large river, lake or bay. “What’s lurking below the surface?” Grainy images of the Loch Ness Monster feed those thoughts.
In the wild, these amazing animals live in remote locations from Australia’s Outback to the steamy jungles of southeast Asia.  You will be thrilled by the prehistoric-looking arapaima, weird-looking wallago, giant freshwater rays and other BIG fish.
Our fish collection includes rare and exotic Species of all sizes, BIG FISH with BIG APPETITES for BIG TANKS. It's not easy for most people or other "regular" fish keepers to understand why we maintain this type of collection and spare no expense on this fascinating hobby.
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