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AHP Special: Ohio Fish Resuce Interview

December 05, 2018 Season 2018 Episode 170
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
AHP Special: Ohio Fish Resuce Interview
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
AHP Special: Ohio Fish Resuce Interview
Dec 05, 2018 Season 2018 Episode 170
Alexander Cardinale
Rich Price and Josh Price run Ohio Fish Rescue a non profit tropical fish rescue where they take in monster fish and provide them forever homes in very large aquariums.
Show Notes

Many freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby often grow too large for most aquarists to house. Fish like pacu, red tail catfish, Irredescent sharks, and the like are cute when small but grow up as gigantic monsters reaching several feet in length. What is a aquarist going to do with a fish that reaches up to 28'' plus? Often times local fish stores and even public aquariums will turn these fish away due to lack of tank space. It usually results in the fish being killed or released into our waters where they can become invasive.
Two hobbyists located in Ohio have turned a big part of their house into a ''Monster Fish Mansion'' where they have several huge aquariums and ponds with tank sizes like a 4400 gallon aquarium.They provide these monster fish forever homes in the gigantic aquariums and ponds. For the fish that they can't provide long term homes, they will find homes for them. It is an incredible thing that these two hobbyists do for the aquarium hobby. If you live in Ohio and have fish that need new homes? They will adapt!
Big Rich Price and Josh Price of Ohio Fish Rescue join Aqua Alex for a discussion on monster fish, taking in monster fish, and some awesome tropical fish chat!!!
Planned for the show:
~ How did Rich get into the Hobby?
~ When did OFR start?
~ Monster fish chat
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